Solutions for hotels, restaurants and health farms

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Solutions for hotels, restaurants and health farms

For over 10 years, Dim'ora® has manufactured the most prestigious installation in the hotel industry, both in Italy and abroad, working together with the most important and acknowledged architecture studios, thus establishing itself as a real “fireplace jewellery”. Dim'ora® can manufacture, on demand, fireplaces designed by an architect, or suggest and help the customer to choose the ideal solution, solving all the technical issues posed by those scenarios where it is possible to implement our products in public establishments such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, gardens, SPAs and shops.

A Dim'ora® fireplace does not only make the atmosphere warmer, but also creates a community and empathetic feeling, furnishes and revitalizes exhibition areas, halls, restaurant rooms, and makes suites and SPAs even more emotional and sensorial.

Here follow some locations where it is possible to see our fireplaces: Michilifen Ifrane Suite& Spa (Morocco), Hotel Victoria (Turin), Palazzo del Corso (Lecce), Hotel S.Maria Novella (Florence), Starhotel Splendid (Venice) e Michelangelo (Florence), Lungarno Alberghi (Florence), Hotel Hassler (Rome), Hotel Metropol (Venice), Hotel Bauer (Venice), Hotel Palladio (Venice), Maison Ferragamo (Rome and Capri), Hotel JK Place (Florence).

If you don’t see them at the first glance, try to book a suite…

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Solutions for hotels, restaurants and health farms

All our products are approved and certified according to the strictest European norms. The installation of Dim’Ora fireplaces in any private household complies with and is governed by Italian standards relating to gas appliances, in conformity with the national fumes regulations and, in particular, with the 46/90 law and the UNI 7129/1-2-3-4 standard, without necessarily needing the authorization of the local health authority, the fire department or other organizations. The connection to the gas supply must always be carried out by a plumber belonging to the CCIA collective agreement who can issue the required certification.




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